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Sue Carlton


My dad always said the Carltons were thieves and cattle rustlers run out of Georgia, which makes me a bona fide Floridian going back generations. I grew up in Miami and landed in Tampa, a town that said “bland” to the world but turned out anything but. I live in an old bungalow in an old neighborhood with my husband and a very enthusiastic dog. I’ve covered everything - crime, courts, the homeless. I’ve come to love this place of outrages and injustices, history and culture, Deep South and café con leche, downtown growing up and a parade of political characters let’s just call interesting. And lucky me, I get to write about all of it three days a week.

Ready for e-scooters, St. Petersburg? Tampa's got some wisdom for you

Tampa is already abuzz with those trendy electric scooters. St. Petersburg could have them by fall.  [CHRIS URSO | Times]
As St. Petersburg readies for electric scooters on its streets, Sue Carlton says there's already something to be learned from Tampa's stint with scooters.

If Tampa’s Lykes Gaslight Square has no benches, is it still a park?

Fiberglass planters remain in place at Lykes Gaslight Square Park, months after city workers removed all of its benches for refurbishing, there is still no sign of them returning. [DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD   |   Times ]
The city says benches weren't removed from a downtown park because of the homeless there. But without them, Sue Carlton says, a park for everyone isn't.

Old-school bricks making a comeback?

Will Seventh Avenue through Ybor City get repaved with historic bricks like these? [OCTAVIO JONES | Times]
Bricking Ybor City's Seventh Avenue in vintage Augusta block is a great idea, except Tampa gave away a whole lot of that historic brick. But wait, Sue Carlton says, there's a twist to the tale.

Rocket docket: A small, quick fix for the Amendment 4 felon voting debacle?

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren is talking about a
Lawmakers and the governor quickly undid the will of the people who voted to restore felon voting rights. Sue Carlton asks: Could creative fixes in court help right that wrong?

Talking tweets, that tax and toilet to tap

New Hillsborough County Commissioner Kimberly Overman has this really interesting idea about honoring the will of the voters who elected her. [OCTAVIO JONES | Times]
A candidate has tweet regret, a commissioner considers the people’s will and, Sue Carlton says, a controversial plan for drinking water has a big image problem.