Saturday, November 17, 2018


Irene Maher, Times correspondent

Irene Maher, Times correspondent

Irene Maher has reported on health for more than 25 years, mostly for WFLA-Ch. 8 in Tampa. She now writes about personal health and wellness for the Tampa Bay Times.

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\u201CEveryone agrees that mammography saves lives,\u201D says Dr. Bethany Niell, section chief of breast imaging at Moffitt Cancer Center. For some patients, especially those at high risk, supplemental MRI screening can also be beneficial.

Breast cancer awareness: From mammograms (2-D and 3-D) and MRIs to risk factors, here’s what you should know

Jenna Johnson expects to reach a major milestone next month: five years cancer free following a diagnosis of breast cancer.The now 56-year-old executive assistant and office manager was diagnosed in November 2013, after...
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Anger management: Learn healthy ways to handle it, and unlearn bad behavior

What makes you mad? Dropping your new phone in the toilet — after deciding not to take the extra coverage that would have replaced it? Being cut off in traffic? Having a parking place "stolen" from you? Doing dishes after...
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Arto Woods is pictured with his wife, Syvilla, and his son, Dr. Ashanti Woods, at St. Joseph's Hospital just days after having a stroke. (St. Joseph's Hospital)

Stroke stories can have a happy ending: What you should know

Arto Woods and his wife, Syvilla, had a good flight from Baltimore to Tampa in early May. En route, they talked about how convenient it would have been to fly directly into Orlando, where the conference that brought them to Florida...
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