A cool, dry weekend ahead for Tampa Bay in wake of Hurricane Michael

Tampa Bay was fortunate in the wake of Michael's path toward the Florida panhandle. As the now tropical storm continues its path northeast, it will leave a trail of drier air over the next few days.
Published October 11 2018
Updated October 11 2018

Tropical Storm Michael will leave a trail of cooler, dry air in its wake, promising clear skies and low humidity for the Tampa Bay area throughout the weekend.

That crisp air won't arrive until Friday, though, as leftover storms continue to dissipate along the Gulf Coast, to be replaced by an area of high pressure.

"As the tropical event continues to move northeast rapidly, high pressure moves in," said Rodney Winn, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "High pressure has a drier property to it."

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Winn said the overnight dew point this weekend should drop around 60 degrees, where it would normally settle around 80. That, plus lower overnight temperatures, should point to cooler days with less humidity, resulting in drier, comfortable mornings.

"During the weekend, it will drop down to the 60s and will feel much more comfortable than it does today," Winn said. "This will last through Sunday, and then the high pressure will move east of us and we'll go back to the standard easterly flow."

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Expect a humid, hot Thursday with temperatures in the lower 90s and a chance scattered showers and thunderstorms through most of the day. By evening, some drier air will begin to filter into the area, dropping overnight temperatures into the lower 70s.

The comfortable feel will last through the weekend, but the heat and humidity return on Sunday.

A tidal warning remains in effect for the coastlines of Hillsborough, Charlotte, Lee, Pinellas and Sarasota counties, with reports of tides running higher than normal and areas affected by storm surge, Winn said.

"I don’t think we saw too much storm surge effect in the Tampa Bay area," Winn said. "We did have some high surf, higher than normal conditions, but we weren't directly impacted by the storm in that area."


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