Amy Scherzer's Diary: Weekly Wrap-Up of the Tampa Social Scene

Amy Scherzer's Diary: Weekly Wrap-Up of the Tampa Social Scene
Published November 9 2018
Updated November 9 2018

Pavilion XXXIII

Pavilion I chairwoman Barbara Romano and Pavilion VI chairwoman Pat Carter surveyed the extravagant scene on the Tampa Museum of Art terrace, marveling at the evolution of the ball that started in 1981, our mini Met Gala.Passion at Pavilion XXXIII co-chairs Leslie and Greg Minder, along with honorary co-chairs Marsha and Stephen Dickey, picked up the gilded gauntlet Saturday,inspired by the current Season of Love exhibitions. Could there be a better photo op than Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture on loan in the red-draped atrium? The iconic work set the palette for 50 shades of red - wine glasses, roses, evening gowns and more.A swift auction yielded five buyers for private dinners on the museum terrace at $6,000 each. Joe Williams bid $8,500 for the Dominque Labauvie sculpture, Constant Quest. Last month, Labauvie and Erika Schneider created a fine art print for the $1,250-ticket patrons, presented during dinner and first-peek at Stovall House.

University of Tampa Minaret Dinner

Student Art + Design Ambassadors decorated the annual Minaret Dinner in a starry, celestial theme, creating constellations on Vaughn Center windows to thank University of Tampa philanthropists whose support guides their future much like stargazing guided life in ancient Greece.President Ron Vaughn spotlighted the school’s biggest benefactors Nov. 2, noting the newest members of the $1 to $10 million Pacesetters and Pinnacle giving societies. Superstar Vince Naimoli, board chairman emeritus, honored with the Sam Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award, earned a heartfelt standing ovation.

UACDC 20th anniversary gala

So much progress, so much more to come, as the University Area Community Development Corporation marks 20 years of improving life in high poverty zip codes near the University of South Florida's Tampa campus. Saturday's community center gala, A Masquerade Affair, will help transform the neighborhood with more affordable housing, youth programs and adult education, said executive director Sarah Combs and UACDC founder Victor Crist, Hillsborough County Commissioner. Guests mingled in glittery masks, sipping martinis, scooping up candy and desserts made by Kim Bolton and Gail Schultz and enjoying Prodigy teacher Junior Polo's artwork and Prodigy graduate Alvin Desir's dance.

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