Wait, are stingrays cute? ZooTampa's rays predict a World Cup winner

Lots of animals are in the mix predicting the World Cup in 2018, including some in Tampa. Because sure, why not?
Published July 12 2018
Updated July 12 2018

Lots of animals around the world are predicting the outcome of the World Cup this year, because sure, why not?

You've got your blind psychic cat (meh, picked Belgium over France). You've got your also reportedly psychic Japanese octopus (eaten before Japan's elimination). There's Zella the elephant (went out on a limb picking Senegal to win it all), and Marcel the pig (who's actually doing quite well having predicted Croatia over England). 

And here in Florida, there's the ZooTampa at Lowry Park stingrays. Have these stingrays shown any particular ability to predict soccer matches? No. Are they kind of adorable in a way we hadn't thought about stingrays until right now? Yes.

The stingrays picked Croatia by knocking what appears to be a delicious, shrimp-filled wiffle ball into a net.