Captain’s Corner: Shark exodus is good news for divers

Published November 4 2018
Updated November 5 2018

The summer-time sharks have started their migration away from the Tampa Bay area to the coastal waters of South Florida. This makes it safer for the divers who are spearing in the darker inshore waters of the bay. Most of these bay spearfishermen are breath-hold divers and they incur more risk when sharks are prevalent. The cooler months of the year find most of our sharks in more southern waters. Some spearfishermen find their best underwater hunting successes in the bay during the cooler months. Gulf of Mexico amberjack season is now closed for 2018 and even though a lot of spearfishermen tried to tie up a big AJ before the end of October, not many were very successful in landing some big fish. Most of the AJs that pegged the scales over 70 pounds were found in depths over 150 feet.

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