Wide receiver Breshad Perriman brings the speed the Bucs need

The former Brown and UCF star hopes he can find a connection with Jameis Winston.
Breshad Perriman (19) catches a pass against Cincinnati Bengals strong safety Shawn Williams (36) during a game in December in Cleveland. [AP Photo/David Richard]
Breshad Perriman (19) catches a pass against Cincinnati Bengals strong safety Shawn Williams (36) during a game in December in Cleveland. [AP Photo/David Richard]
Published March 14

TAMPA — Receiver Breshad Perriman knew his days were over in Cleveland when he learned the Browns had traded for Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. The speed receiver made a quick decision to leave as a free agent.

“Basically, they just made the decision they thought was best for them, and I had to make a decision that I thought was best for me,’’ Perriman said Thursday. “At the end of the day, I’m glad to be here and it’s just a total blessing to be in front of you guys and part of this organization.’’

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Perriman signed a one-year deal with the Bucs Wednesday.

“I didn’t have to think about it too much when my agent called me with everything that was going on, we just felt it was best for me to come here,’’ Perriman said. “It was a mutual agreement. We both said it would be best for me and my future to part ways.

“It’s a huge opportunity, just being here and being able to play with Jameis (Winston) and Mike (Evans). It’s a huge opportunity that I think I’m ready to fill.’’

Do you know Winston?

“You know, me and Jameis came out the same year, so I knew him during the whole draft process,’’ Perriman said. “We kind of got cool during that process, too, so just to be here with him, I know he has a great personality and his confidence is crazy. So to be back with him means everything.’’

How would you describe your career as a first-round pick of the Ravens?

“It’s been a little rocky,’’ Perriman said. “It started off with some injuries, and I had to fight through a ton of injuries actually. At the end of the day, I’m just happy and so blessed to be able to turn my career around, and I look forward to keep building now.’’

You went to Central Florida. What does being back home mean?

“Everybody is just very happy,’’ Perriman said. “I hear so much from all my family members and how happy they are about me being back home. That makes me feel even better about my decision.’’

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What can you do to make sure you don’t have more injuries that have plagued your career?

“Just basically, really just getting stronger,’’ Perriman said. “Getting into the weight room and basically beating my body up. Not in a bad way, but like everything I think I’m going to do in the season, all the running, I’m trying to do it on a high level so my body gets used to it.’’

What do you think about Bruce Arians?

“It was definitely exciting,’’ Perriman said. “That’s a huge part of this whole process and the amount of deep shots he likes to take down the field. That’s going to be exciting, man. I just can’t wait.’’

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You played well down the stretch. Did that help your confidence?

“It definitely boosted my confidence, it gave me that extra push that being healthy, that also gave me that extra push and made me realize that everything I went through was for a reason and that I still have all of the ability that everybody thought I had when I first came out,’’ Perriman said. “I’ve got to be able to keep putting it together and keep going from there.’’

What’s your best attribute?

“I just feel like I have big-play ability. That’s my main focus. I try to make every play, whether it’s big or small. But at the same time, I feel like I can stretch the field vertically and make small plays into big plays.