Thursday’s letters: Reflections on the elections

These are Thursday’s letters to the editor
Published November 7 2018
Updated November 7 2018

Trumped in Tally | Nov. 7

A clear win for the workers

Andrew Gillum lost and Ron DeSantis won. Bill Nelson lost and Rick Scott won (perhaps pending a recount). We are the voters who made that happen: We strip your roofs and put new shingles on but not before replacing rotten wood underneath. We plumb, we re-wire and hook up your cable so you can watch what you watch. We rake, mow your yard, trim your trees, scrape, sand and paint the outside of your house. We make your life better with the services we provide as Americans fully licensed under our employer who pays for insurance if we get hurt and also pays for insurance if something goes wrong, and both protect us in different ways. We are blue collar workers, and we have jobs that feed our families, pay the rent or mortgage, and at the end of the day we go home to our loved ones as better people.

Election night was a win for us. We elected two candidates who know how hard we work and how they will help us by not taking more money out of our paychecks, increasing job protection by not allowing more illegal immigrants into our country who would eventually replace us for much less than we earn, and keeping government limited in their scope. We can spend our money better than they can spend our money. God bless America. Florida is still alive and well.

Stefan Mongie, St. Petersburg

Democrats came too close

Well, the big game is over, and this proud Republican got most of what I wanted. So why am I not happier? The reality is that the crazy Democrats came within several thousand votes of winning the Florida governor’s race and a U.S. Senate seat. Those races were a toss-up and could’ve gone either way. So in a very real way, the Florida Democrats proved that they can win, even if they didn’t this time.

William S. Hunter, Boynton Beach

Trump uses the media

Although President Donald Trump never misses a chance to lambast the media as the “enemy of the people” during his multitude of campaign stops, it seems to me that the media has actually become Trump’s ally. By giving him so much air time, the media has become, unwittingly or not, Trump’s ally in disseminating his rhetoric.

Emiiano Quindiagan, St. Petersburg

Choosing not to decide

Today at least 20 percent of Floridians (4 million out of 20 million) are pleased with the results of the election. Another 20 percent are displeased and discouraged by them. I’m curious to know how another 25 percent (5 million) registered voters feel since they couldn’t be bothered to cast a vote. My opinion is they do not have a right to complain about the results. The difference in the gubernatorial election was a little more than 50,000 votes — or 1 percent of the non-voters. For these people: Do you not care about the future of Florida enough to submit a mail-in ballot or spend 30 minutes of your time every couple years to have a say in things? If you did not vote, don’t complain.

Gregory Premer, St. Pete Beach

It’s all over

Two and a half word analysis of the election: It’s over!

Kenn Sidorewich, Oldsmar