Sunday, September 23, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Tuesday’s letters: It’s great that Tampa’s Democratic mayor works with a Republican governor

Dems wary of Scott, Buckhorn bromance | July 8

It’s not partisan to look out for Tampa

The focus of a mayor should be on success in his jurisdiction, no matter the partner, for the citizens who live in his area of responsibility. Mayor Bob Buckhorn, every day of his tenure as Tampa’s mayor, has done nothing but focus on the good of the whole and the betterment of each life in his area of responsibility.

Leadership is about leading, driving and getting things accomplished in a public and forthright way. Buckhorn, an announced and proud Democrat, has worked with Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican. This professional economic development focused "partnership" between the mayor and the governor has and will continue to add value to our community and our development options. Tampa is on the march with lots of great ideas, investment and opportunities happening, and that is a culture led by an active and engaged mayor who has a vision, plan and energy to drive the plan to life. I agree with Buckhorn that being mayor is not a partisan job. I am proud and thankful for the leadership he has exhibited in his drive to make Tampa a better town for every citizen every day he has served as mayor, with as many diverse and helpful partners as he can find.

Kathleen Shanahan, Tampa

The writer is chair of Ground Works Solutions, Inc., and was chief of staff to Gov. Jeb Bush.

Abortion rights on line in election | Editorial, July 8

A witness to Roe’s importance

Since dealing with a lack of available contraception and a frightening illegal abortion experience in the 1960s, I have been a strong advocate for the survival of Roe vs. Wade and, consequently, women’s reproductive rights, including easily accessible contraception and legal, safe abortion. Recent threats to these rights from so many directions seem overwhelming. As the editorial indicated, the results of this fall’s gubernatorial election could have devastating impacts on women’s access to contraception and abortion. I urge all who want to protect a woman’s right to all forms of reproductive health to vote accordingly and, in the meantime, keep pressure on our elected officials to do what is right for women. We must not go back.

Judy Gallizzi, St. Petersburg

Short-term rentals? Not in my back yard | July 8

Home rule and property rights

Legislators claim they don’t want to hurt the property rights of buyers of second homes, used for short-term rentals, at the expense of one home owner. That’s nonsense. We contacted every legislator about this problem and got no answer except for an automated response or two. A message to all politicians who support neutering local governments: This year’s vote will be used to oust every incumbent, regardless of party. You have neutered local government’s ability to protect our property rights; it’s our turn to neuter you to protect our property rights.

Roberta Hosken, Clearwater

Downtown waterfront wrong place
for sculpture | Editorial, July 7

Put it up somewhere else

I object to the placement of the Janet Echelman sculpture on Spa Beach. I strongly favor leaving the shoreline alone and not adding to the planned structures. I would rather see this sculpture in a place that doesn’t obstruct the waterfront. Other places should be considered: Mirror Lake, Lake Maggiore or the Skyway area would be much better. I also wonder how a change to "active" park would treat future iconic ideas for the area, such as a local version of the London Eye?

Wayne Mock, St. Petersburg


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Monday’s letters: Dr. Robert Judson made great contributions to Pasco-Hernando State College

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Wednesday’s letters: How home rule can help fight Red Tide

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Editorial cartoons for Sept. 18

From Times wires
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