Saturday, January 20, 2018
Real Estate

Hernando County real estate transactions for Jan. 12, 2018


19808 Tattnall Way, to Robbie Lee Brenneke by Bruce G. Roshong & Patricia J. Roshong, $235,000, 11/03/2017

711 Keeling St., to Keesha C. Mills by Ressel Inc, $230,000, 10/27/2017

12452 Moon Rd., to Gene Kelly Santiago & Yvette Santiago by Frank Philip Territo Ii, $162,000, 10/31/2017

434 Hamlin Way, to Flipping Fools LLC by Peter Raffaele, $154,900, 11/07/2017

9283 Scepter Ave., to James J. Saul & Janice K. Saul by Stuart G. Meadows & Pamela J. Meadows, $125,000, 11/03/2017

204 Dogwood Dr., to Gayla R. Kilbride by Lawrence E. Ayers, $100,000, 11/08/2017

12311 Hallmark Ave., to Ken Jarvis & Trudy Jarvis by Ron Erie & Monica Erie, $87,000, 11/10/2017

12592 Fairway Ave., to Nancy J. Manchester by Jesse Spratt & David Spratt, $70,800, 11/03/2017

8394 Central Ave., to Gerald L. Haney & Wanda D. Haney by Louie V. Hall, $70,000, 11/16/2017

14863 Rialto Ave., to Kenneth Gormley & Susan Gormley by Arthur J. Murray & Murray Family Trust, $69,000, 11/03/2017

14877 Rialto Ave., to Judith Walker Trustee & Michelle B Hacko Irrevocable Trust by Nicholas Vandetti, $50,000, 11/06/2017


1447 Algood Rd., to Richard W. Burger by Jose Rivera & Minerva Rivera, $275,000, 11/08/2017

13048 Pirate Ln., to Yosvany Reyes & Zuleika Figueredo Borroto by Freddy Napoleoni & Samantha J. Napoleoni, $250,000, 11/03/2017

13411 Chesapeake Pl., to Jack V. Dickerson by Ralph D. Guilliams & Beate K. Guilliams, $240,000, 11/03/2017

446 Romine Ct., to Stephanie Lyons & Peter Lyons by Dick L. Christensen Trustee & Peggy E. Christensen Trustee, $235,000, 11/01/2017

13529 Rudi Loop, to Robert M. Rivera & Cathy L. Rivera by Richard W. Carter & Deborah D. Carter, $235,000, 11/09/2017

12715 Wind Chime Ct., to Mark Stephen Semethy by Jeannine M. Phelps, $233,700, 11/09/2017

10059 Dunkirk Rd., to Joel Pineiro & Nitza Gonzalez Reyes by Pasquale Forcino & Joann Forcino, $219,900, 10/30/2017

3130 Marshall Ave., to Jose Torres & Nancy Torres by Philip Bomhoff, $208,000, 11/08/2017

4408 Gaston St., to Thomas Brodie & Karen Brodie by Daniel C. Smyth & Darlene C. Smyth, $205,000, 11/06/2017

2250 Malaga Ave., to Ismael Franco & Marta Franco by Campground Estateoperties LLC, $200,000, 10/31/2017

3251 Lema Dr., to Dylan Johnson by Leen Abdelamir & Leen Abdel Amir, $197,000, 11/10/2017

7375 Turf Ln., to Mark E. Poulos & Kathleen Poulos by Donald M. Witt & Lalaine C. Witt, $191,000, 11/06/2017

10248 Jordan St., to Oca Neyda Montes De by John W. Weir, $189,000, 11/07/2017

12203 Bonview Ln., to Terry L. Spencer & Catrina Ann Spencer by Stephen H. Spring & Jennifer A. Spring, $184,900, 11/03/2017

1454 Willow Creek Ter., to John C. Welch & Shelley M. Welch by Elizabeth Decausemaker & Elizabeth Decausemaker Trust, $184,000, 11/06/2017

8491 Gibralter St., to Edward S. Hubbard Jr & Barbara Ann Hubbard by Revolution Holdings LLC, $179,900, 11/09/2017

7244 Anhinga Ct., to James E. Greene Jr & Karen D. Cox Greene by Mac Real Estate Investments LLC, $178,100, 11/04/2017

8219 Berkeley Manor Blvd., to Kimberly L. Carter by Sofia Vogt, $175,000, 11/20/2017

5343 Bayonne Ave., to Heather Nicole Barnett by Jeffrey M. Fine & Irena S. Fine, $162,000, 11/27/2017

4650 Glenburne Dr., to Nicole Wheeler by Thomas Setzer, $156,000, 11/03/2017

4498 Bluewater Ave., to Sergio M. Quintana by Rebecca D. Tinkham, $155,000, 11/07/2017

3400 Ambassador Ave., to Michael B. Elverd Jr & Kayla A. Elverd by Barbara M. Brown Trustee & 3400 Ambassador Land Trust, $155,000, 11/06/2017

10440 Henderson St., to Hiram Turell by Libora O. G. Frias & Abigael Garcia Deam Atty In Fact, $150,100, 10/30/2017

13662 Covey Run Pl., to Brian K. Dahmer by Joseph Ferreira & Darcie Ferreira, $150,000, 11/13/2017

113 Rosedale Ave., to Ilona Broderick by Michael Krizmanich Trustee & 113 Rosedale Avenue Land Trust, $149,000, 11/08/2017

2190 Orchard Park Dr., to Louise J. Holmes by Charles A. Victoria & Jaime L. Victoria, $138,000, 11/03/2017

9627 Langan St., to Titos Santiago Jr by Richard W. Carter Jr & Vicki Carter, $124,900, 11/01/2017

5071 Kirkwell Cir., to Cortney R. Cameron & Eric Johnson by Gregory T. Hardy, $118,000, 11/01/2017

9353 Belvedere St., to Brent Nagle & Sara Nagle by Pauline Valenzano, $117,000, 10/30/2017

5485 Ashland Dr., to Teresa A. Erickson by Doris E. Susman & Mark Daniel Susan, $104,000, 11/06/2017

4027 Sugarfoot Dr., to Diane Mellish & Lisa Mellish by Charles Henry West, $85,000, 11/03/2017

5014 Landover Blvd., to Michael Lion & Donna Lion by Frank J. Terkovich Trustee & Margaret M. Terkovich Trustee, $85,000, 11/03/2017

6391 Fairlawn St., to Micah Anthony LLC by Wilmington Trust Na & Citibank Na, $67,000, 10/31/2017


8443 Nittany Rd., to Ray Gary Delphey III & Carchedichristina by Ttgoperties Inc, $189,000, 10/27/2017

11297 Frigate Bird Ave., to Tina Bianco by Timothy M. Hoover & Barbara A. Hoover, $185,000, 11/07/2017

18034 Macassar Rd., to Daniel Hinchey & Brittany Hinchey by Ronald M. Stuhrmanna, $176,900, 11/01/2017

9376 Nakoma Way, to Jeffry L. Mayer by Thomas G. Mcnerny & Susan L. Mcnerny, $70,000, 12/11/2017

9314 Grizzly Bear Ln., to Joseph Crawford & Christie Lee Crawford by Richard D. Gillespie & Judith Gillespie, $50,000, 10/26/2017

St. Petersburg — right there with luxury in New York

St. Petersburg — right there with luxury in New York

What do Coney Island, Brooklyn and downtown St. Petersburg have in common? All three were featured in a full-page color ad in a New York Times real estate supplement this week touting projects by billionaire John Catsimatidis and his company, Red App...
Published: 01/19/18
Will the third time be the charm for these Tampa Bay townhouses?

Will the third time be the charm for these Tampa Bay townhouses?

ST. PETERSBURG — In real estate circles, it would seem an odd match — 54 townhouses in an office park and a group of Realtors best known for selling luxury single-family homes in Snell Isle. Yet the Strickland Property Group is convinced it can do wh...
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Crystal Lagoon planners cut the ribbon on a chilly day (w/video)

Crystal Lagoon planners cut the ribbon on a chilly day (w/video)

WESLEY CHAPEL — Mother Nature seems to have a way of putting a chill on one of the hottest amenities in residential real estate development.Members of the business community, elected officials and executives with Metro Development Group and Crystal L...
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Here are Tampa Bay's priciest home sales in 2017

Here are Tampa Bay's priciest home sales in 2017

If there’s one word to describe the buyers of Tampa Bay’s 25 priciest homes in 2017 it’s this: eclectic. As in previous years, the group included doctors, lawyers and professional sports figures — three of the homes were purc...
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St. Petersburg’s apartment boom is spreading west

St. Petersburg’s apartment boom is spreading west

ST. PETERSBURG — Still more apartments are coming to St. Petersburg, this time to the Edge and Grand Central Districts just west of downtown. The new projects, all by out-of-state developers and more moderately priced than those downtown, will...
Published: 01/16/18
AER apartment tower in St. Petersburg sold for record $127 million

AER apartment tower in St. Petersburg sold for record $127 million

ST. PETERSBURG — AER, a newly built apartment tower in downtown St. Petersburg, has been sold for $127 million in Tampa Bay’s biggest ever apartment deal. Camden, one of the country’s largest owners of multi-family rental communities, said it will re...
Published: 01/12/18
Carefree but hardworking, partner in Beer Can Island just wants to hang out

Carefree but hardworking, partner in Beer Can Island just wants to hang out

APOLLO BEACH — Even on a foggy Wednesday morning, the newest addition to seven-acre Pine Key — better known as Beer Can Island — rises from the mist along the mainland shore of the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve.It’s a floating tiki bar, the size of a ...
Published: 01/10/18
Updated: 01/12/18
It's cheaper to buy than rent in Tampa Bay

It's cheaper to buy than rent in Tampa Bay

It’s cheaper to buy than rent in Tampa Bay although buyers in Pasco and Hernando Counties would save much more than those in Pinellas and Hillsborough, a new study says. Someone earning the average wage in Pasco would spend 45.2 percent of inc...
Published: 01/10/18
Updated: 01/11/18
Related Group sees a St. Petersburg condo tower in its future

Related Group sees a St. Petersburg condo tower in its future

ST. PETERSBURG — Miami’s Related Group, one of Florida’s top developers, would like to build an "iconic’’ condo tower in downtown St. Petersburg, the company’s chairman and CEO says.PREVIOUS COVERAGE: New year, new towers: More apartments to rise in ...
Published: 01/10/18

More Tampa Bay homeowners falling behind on their mortgage payments

Times staffAfter months of declines, the mortgage delinquency rate in the Tampa Bay area is climbing again largely due to September’s Hurricane Irma. According to CoreLogic, nearly 9 percent of bay area borrowers were at least 30 days late on their p...
Published: 01/09/18