Missing: Logan, a happy St. Bernard — who weighs 200 pounds

Published July 11 2018
Updated July 12 2018

TREASURE ISLAND — Will and Jamie O’Shea say they’re desperately looking for their missing St. Bernard, who disappeared from their home Monday.

Logan, age 7, should be easy to spot: He weighs 200 pounds.

The O’Sheas said they left Logan inside their home while they took a quick trip to the grocery store.

By the time they returned after 45 minutes, they said, Logan was gone.

"It’s a 200-pound dog," Will O’Shea, 50, said. "He doesn’t disappear."

The self-proclaimed "concerned doggie parents" fear their dog was taken. Their backyard is fully fenced in, but one back garage door was left unlocked. The farthest Logan has ever wondered whenever he escaped in the past was to the front driveway to see if he could go for a car ride, they said.

Once they realized their dog was missing, they immediately started canvassing their Isle of Capri neighborhood. They said they spent six hours searching that night and filed a police report.

They said they posted flyers throughout the neighborhood and local restaurants and have been seeking security footage for clues as to what may have happened.

Adding to Will O’Shea’s fears is that no one has reported seeing Logan. That surprises him, he said, because a 200-pound pet is hard to miss.

He described Logan as a "happy-go-lucky dog" and very docile. The seven-year-old likes to play fetch inside, but because of his size, rarely ventures out of the house for more than 5 to 10 minutes.

"He’s like a giant Eeyore," O’Shea said, referencing Winnie the Pooh’s gloomy friend.

That’s why he doesn’t think Logan ran away. The dog can hardly go more than 1,000 feet at a time without taking a break due to knee pain, the owner said.

The couple also turned to social media to aid their search. O’Shea posted to Facebook on Monday night and it has since been shared more than 2,800 times as of Wednesday evening.

They originally offered a $500 reward for the return of the dog, but two anonymous donors have now tripled the offer to $1,500.

But so far, no sign of the missing dog.

Anyone with information about Logan’s whereabouts can notify the couple through the owner’s Facebook page (search for Will O’Shea in Treasure Island) or by calling the Treasure Island Police Department at (727) 547-4595.

"We’re doing everything we can to bring him back home," O’Shea said.

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