Last-minute Halloween '80s costume idea: The one-armed violin player

Published October 27 2017
Updated October 27 2017

The stress is real. Every year. What are you dressing as for Halloween? Will it be an '80s costume? Because, you know, you've been writing a blog about the '80s for 13 years now, so we figure you have some good ideas. 

I do. Sorta. And I'll try to share some easy, last-minute ideas with you for the next couple days. 

Today's suggestion: The one-armed violin player from the 1980 movie The Hollywood Knights. We were still in the middle of '50s nostalgia overload when the '80s began, thanks to shows like Happy Days. And yet this flick - starring Robert Wuhl - as the head of a high school fraternity known as the Hollywood Knights - doesn't have the staying power of other period flicks like Back to the Future or Grease.

Who cares? It still has the infamous One-armed Violin Player scene. Granted, this is a gag you probably want to save for an adults-only party (though technically no nudity or flashing is involved; it's only implied). All you need is a tux, dark glasses and a violin. See the full gag online (sorta/maybe NSFW due to language and your eyes playing a trick on you).