Have unwanted candy? Trade it in for Reese’s cups with this machine

A child uses the Reese's vending machine. [Photo from video]
A child uses the Reese's vending machine. [Photo from video]
Published October 31 2018

Lollipops and Jolly Ranchers just aren’t for everybody.

That’s why some trick-or-treaters in New York City could be flocking to this seemingly innocent-looking vending machine to trade in their unwanted disappointing candy or one of America’s favorites.

The New York City-based “candy converter” machine will allow people to exchange their disappointing Halloween candy for Reese’s cups today, the company announced in a promotional video.

The lone converter of 2018 will be set up outside Washington Square Park on 5th Avenue in New York, the company says.

How does it work?

The process is simple — place the unwanted candy in the machine, then out comes Reese’s signature peanut-butter filled cups of chocolate like they’re coming out of a vending machine.

It should be a hit, too, according to the promotional video, which says 90 percent of Americans wish they could exchange their Halloween candy. A spokesman with the company told CNN the single Reese’s converter is expected to give out more than 10,000 cups.

No word yet on whether the idea could spread to other areas of the U.S., including Tampa Bay. But keep it mind as your kids dump their candy corn and Mary Janes (do they still make those?) from their Halloween buckets tonight.

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