Sponsored content: What’s It Worth? The historical appeal of portrait miniatures

Published October 25 2018
Updated October 25 2018

Because of the great response we received on the Hindu Indian miniature painting, we decided to do a follow-up.

This week, we bought four wonderful miniature paintings. The first (left), on porcelain and signed GF or FG, appears to depict a Hungarian woman in traditional garb. This type is usually inexpensive and valued at around $15 to $100.

We also bought a terrific – if not mysterious – portrait miniature by the famous New Orleans artist Aimable-Desire Lansot. The subject in the painting (second from left) is typical of Lansot’s customer – someone of high society or great wealth – but we can’t identify her. She appears to be Spanish or perhaps Cajun, but we are not certain. Other clues include a family crest on the back (pictured).

Plus, we bought a 1700s-era miniature (right) from a Texas estate that seems to depict a member of the Austro-Hungarian military or royalty.

For the three to the right we paid $300 to $800 each and are hoping for a 20-30 percent profit.

If you have a miniature portrait painting, please give us a call. You have seen us in Forbes Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. All rights reserved.

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