Sponsored content: What’s It Worth? My Fascination with jade.

Published October 25 2018
Updated October 25 2018

We have talked about jade several times in the past, but this week, two pieces of jade crossed my desk that are worth writing about. Katrina has mentioned many forms that can legally be called jade, and there are hundreds to thousands of variations. This week, we paid a local resident five figures for this untreated, undyed, incredible Type A jade ring. We also paid $20 for this huge 255-carat Alaska jade bar. The Alaska jade wasn’t good enough for jewelry, so it was sold as a souvenir (in the 1950s). The ring, however, is one of the largest, finest, most breathtaking pieces we have owned in our history. Jade of this color, clarity, and size is virtually impossible to get. Liquidation value of the ring is $10,000 to $15,000. Retail value is $40,000 to $60,000. We hope to get somewhere between liquidation and retail value. The retail value of the Alaska jade bar is $100 and the fair market value is $20. You can see the difference in the photos.

When looking for jade, look for transparency and translucency, and look for the sort of green that has been described as "Prell Shampoo green." Of course, other colors of jade found in belt buckles, cups and other desk and table objects are still valuable – even if rust-colored or mutton fat hued.

We are active, internationally known buyers of fine jade, fine gemstones and fine watches. You’ve seen us in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and the New York Times.

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