Great people, great fishing in Central Florida
Dave Douglass shows off one of the thousands of bass he has caught over the years while fishing in Central Florida.
The Florida freshwater fishing forecast for the third week of September gives anglers the end of the full moon phase, the lunar perigee, and a typical rainy season weather forecast. In other words, there will be excellent fishing for the next three days,...
Phil and Rebekah Kline, who plan to become foster parents, attend a training session for the foster care program.
Providing a safe haven
According to Florida Statute, third-graders who score at Level 1 in reading on the statewide FSA-English Language Arts must be retained (not promoted to fourth grade).
Summer reading camps help third-graders get promoted
Forest Ranger Josh Cameron, who is based in Sebring, (far right) helps with efforts to get a wildfire under control in Utah.
Local forestry firefighters help battle western blazes